Google Chrome Passes Internet Explorer as Top Browser

When it comes to PC users, Microsoft had been ruling the market for over eighteen years. However, recent statistics have revealed that the tech giant has had its reign ended when it comes to most accessed browsers. Internet Explorer no longer remains the first choice for PC users as their default browser. Microsoft’s rival Google has finally managed to pass the tech giant in the race for top browsers. Chrome has taken over Internet Explorer as the default choice browsers for PC users.

According to statistics, Google Chrome stands at 41.7% while Internet Explorer is just slightly behind at 41.3%. Firefox and Google Chrome that were launched about ten years back, have been trying to increase their share in the market since a long time.

This is the first time that Google has taken over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The Explorer was the most popular bowser being accessed by PC users worldwide since 1998 when it took over the Netscape Navigator. The drop in its popularity can be contributed to its very small presence in the mobile market and various security concerns that have risen over the years.

Chrome is already a dominant mobile web browser and has now also taken up the crown for being the most used desktop browser. Users have stated that due to its flexibility and easy navigation, Chrome has become their optimum choice. In the past two to three years, Explorer was experiencing a few bugs and issues which raised concerns among people. However, it was still the popular choice of browsers up till last year.

Research has indicated that Google Chrome’s market share was almost 25 percent the previous year and it jumped nearly 15% to its recent 41 percent. This shows that users switched to using Chrome as their default browser during the last few months, ending Explorer’s run in the market.


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