Google Launches New Apps

Smartphones users these days are spoilt for choice when it comes to the array of applications available to them. Every other day or so, you will see that there is a new app on the market which is upgraded and has more sophisticated options. Popular media sharing apps like Facebook Messenger or Snapchat have captured the attention of millions of users worldwide. Other than that, there are different applications for video chatting, photo and file sharing.

Google has recently announced some new applications for Android users, which aim to make group messaging, sharing and one on one video calls much easier and hassle free. The tech giant is trying to break into the market that is being dominated by Facebook and Whatsapp among others. These new apps have been primarily designed as sharing tools for Android users.

Here are a few of the apps that Google has announced:

  • Spaces

This app is being marketed by Google as a tool for ‘group sharing’. People usually have difficulty coordinating with each other as a group, and to make it easier for everyone, the tech company has built this app for their users. It allows different people to share videos or photos around any topic and invite others to join in. Youtube, Chrome and social media networks have been integrated with this app so that people can easily converse in a group and discuss anything they want to.

  • Allo

The app will be available for Android users in the summer. One of the main features of this app is the Google assistant which has been built in as a communication tool. It basically makes conversation and chatting more interesting and fun. All you have to do is sync the app with your phone number and you can access anybody from your phonebook. The app also has a Smart Reply feature among many others,  which means that you will not even have to type anything most of the time.

  • Duo

With this app, Google is trying to make one on one video calling much easier for everybody. It doesn’t matt whether you are at different ends of the world, Duo will let you call whoever you want without any disruption. All videos are in HD and allow the users a preview of the caller before the call goes live.


These are some of the apps announced by Googele and they will be available to users very shortly. Now Android and IOS users will be able to enjoy a better and enhanced video calling and sharing experience.


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