Top Five Android Apps

The new and improved smartphones have made day to day living much simpler and easier. If you are an Android or Apple user, you already might be aware of the abundance of applications available for your use. There is literally an app for everything; whether you have to listen to music, watch videos or even keep look up the weather forecast for the day. Every other day or so, new and upgraded apps are being launched on the market, providing the users with a wide range of choices.

In fact, there are so many apps available on the Google Play store that it has become quite a challenge for Android users to decide which ones are most suited to their daily requirements. This is why we have narrowed down a list of the top Android apps so that you can easily choose the best one instead of searching through numerous options on Google Play store.

Here are the top five Android apps:

  • Evernote

This is one of the best daily note-taking applications available to Android users. For people who have to constantly record and remember important things during the day, Evernote is the perfect solution. It has multiple options available such as list making, note recording, a to-do manager and voice message recorder. This app is a powerful tool once you get familiar with all the possible ways to use it effectively.

  • Inbox by Gmail

It is an app for managing all your E-mails in one place. You can easily sort them out by priorities and list all those that you wish to ignore in the low priority category.

  • Google Drive Suite

This app is a great cloud storage app that lets users access all their files from their phone. You can work easily on a spreadsheet, make a presentation or word file from your phone and share them with others via Drive.

  • 1Weather

The weather app is optimum for checking daily forecast, current predictions, graphs and any other weather related issue.

  • LastPass

The password managing app allows users to generate and store a unique password for every application. This way you can keep all your data safe and protected from security breaches.


These are some of the best Android apps that will make your everyday a lot easier. You do not have to search through different applications; instead you can directly download any of the above.


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